Dr. Wu

With his extensive knowledge in the field of medicine & cosmetology, Dr. Wu has offered many innovative products & medical treatment series including induction lotion that are effective in reversing the signs of aging and treating wrinkles and fine lines. From extra hydrating lotion with Aqua-collagen to Gentle milk cleanser with amino acids and from intensive hydrating serum with hyaluronic acids and intensive soothing spray with chamomile, Dr. Wu has formulated wide range of skin care products after conducting years of research. The advanced whitening serum that includes concentrated Arbutin, is found highly effective in making the skin glowing. The hyper-efficient whitening lotion with concentrated Kojic Acid works wonder on your skin. In fact, all the beauty products from Dr. Wu are touted as the new-age marvel for skin care.

Dr. Wu’s products are manufactured with the blend of medical science, beauty and technology and make your skin beautiful from outside as well as inside. For women looking for powerful sunscreen lotions, Dr. Wu has formulated a new UV Whitening Cream with SPF of 35 and tinted with minerals. The cream provides protection against harmful UV and UB rays and a natural finish to your face. Buy Dr. Wu Skin Care Products, Dr Wu Serum, Dr Wu Cream, Dr Wu Lotion, Dr Wu Cleanser, Dr Wu Toner, Dr Wu Whitening Cream, Dr Wu Soothing Spray at Discount Price from Java for Beauty and Get Free Shipping in California, Pomona, Chino Hills, Corona, Ontario CA and Orange County region.