Magnolia Orchid Algae Repair Mask

Blemish control and skin calming, the alguronic in Algenist used is a single, purified, highly bioactive compound, and therefore delivers “much higher activity to the skin” than products using only a microalgae extract

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Product Description

Consists Alguard, a purified polysaccharide shield from microalgae that protects skin from daily assaults and reduces roughness as well as the look of fine lines. Studies showed alguronic acid increased cell regeneration and the synthesis of elastin (which gives skin that snap-back youthful quality). Also demonstrated that alguronic acid provided protection against cell damage induced by ultraviolet rays, and inhibited the enzymes that break down elastin.

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5 pcs


Suits for all skin types, including sensitive skin


After cleaning the skin, tear off the mesh surface of the mask first, then pull the middle part of bio-fiber mask outward, align with eye nose and mouth parts, from top to bottom, inside to out. After putting on the whole face, take off the bottom Pearl film. You can perform any activities freely without the fear of the mask falling off. Please remove after approximately 20-25 minutes later. Gently massage the face to help the skin absorb the essences completely. Basic daily maintenance procedures can be followed after, no rinsing necessary.


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