Bliss Diamancel #10 Classic Buffer File

Dissolve dry, hardened heels without cutting.

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Diamancel’s #10 Classic Buffer is Bliss’ most popular pedicure paddle. This product dissolves dry, hardened heels with a few flicks of the wrist and also works wonders (without cutting) on those very contrary ‘top of the toe’ corns.

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Save time, effort, and money with this lasting, high-performance must-have


Nickel-coated flexible fiberglass files, electroplated with industrial grade diamond chips.


For regular maintenance between pedicures and for best results use on dry feet.
The Diamancel #11 The Tough Buffer is a bigger paddled, soft-handled buffer that smoothes, buffs, refinishes and fully refines your feet.
Note: If you plan to 'double file' (use more than one Diamancel Foot file), use your before your Tough Buffer. If you plan on going 'single file', we recommend the all-purpose Tough Buffer.
caution: Use with caution in case of diabetes or circulatory impairment.
bliss tips Want feather-soft feet year round? After buffing with the appropriate combination of foot files, don our super popular Bliss Softening Socks (over a conditioning layer of Bliss Foot Patrol and watch your feet turn from tough to totally tender in twenty minutes. Bliss Foot Patrol, our alpha-hydroxy acid-enriched, peppermint and aloe packed better-than-a-pedicure cream, is also recommended as a great daily dose of softening. If your feet are totally beat, give them a scrubbing with our seriously cooling Bliss Super Minty Soap'n Scrub, before you get in the tub.


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